Vibrant Wellness in Perimenopause and Beyond

The time of life marked by perimenopause is, for many, a period of profound transition. A lot is changing outwardly and inwardly: You are headed into a new life stage; family structure may be changing – maybe kids are leaving home, or you have increased responsibility for parents. Maybe you want to build resilience moving into the future.

Internally your hormone balance is changing, and this leads to other changes in body, mind, and emotion. You are probably experiencing some level of unpredictability (think hot flashes, night sweats, cycle irregularities, mood swings) as your body finds new equilibrium.

On top of everything that you’re experiencing, this changing hormonal milieu brings new health concerns – bone density, muscle mass, cardiovascular health, and sexual health - and can bring changes in your perspective and priorities.

There is a lot going on, it might even feel like the entire landscape of your life is changing…

Conventional ways of addressing perimenopause have focused solely on pharmaceutical solutions, most commonly hormone replacement therapy and antidepressants or antianxiety medications. HRT can bring short term relief of symptoms but it has risks, it doesn’t allow the body find a new balance and, often, the symptoms return when the medication is discontinued. Antidepressants and antianxiety medications may offer initial relief for some women, but they typically have diminishing returns and it can be tricky to discontinue them.

Conventional approaches neglect the opportunity for transformation that opens up for women during this time.

A holistic approach allows women to address and ease the discomfort of their physical symptoms, support their bodies in finding a new balance, get support from like-minded women, and sets them up for a healthy and vital next chapter of their lives.

Each session we’ll explore a specific health and wellness topic like bone health, cardiovascular health, hot flashes, mood swings, and more; along with a foundational wellness concept like, nutrition, sleep, movement, social connection, nature connection, and alignment with natural rhythms, and how they can support you during this time.

We’ll assess where you are currently to help you design and implement a plan that moves you into balance and vibrant wellbeing.

You will learn herbs and herbal strategies that provide support for each health topic and each foundational wellness topic, and you will design a personal herbal protocol to support you through your transition.

I have helped dozens of women navigate perimenopause and have learned the herbs, herbal strategies, and foundational wellness support that relieves symptoms, so you feel energetic, centered, and confident in your body.

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