Holistic Perimenopause Wellness Plan

Navigate perimenopause with confidence.

Ease your symptoms, smooth your transition, and set yourself up for vibrant health moving into the future.

“Nobody talks about it”

That’s the concern I hear most often when I talk with women about their experiences with perimenopause. I hear about this far more frequently than anything else, more than the most common symptoms like heavy bleeding, insomnia, anxiety, and even hot flashes.

Maybe the lack of information and lack of discussion has left you feeling alone and overwhelmed. Perhaps you’re wondering if what you’re experiencing is normal or if something is very wrong. What you do know is that you want to approach perimenopause in a way that honors this important life transition and works with your body’s innate wisdom.

About the Holistic Perimenopause Wellness Plan

The Perimenopause Wellness Plan includes 1 one-hour initial meeting, 1 one-hour follow up, and 1 half-hour follow up.

During the initial meeting we have an in-depth discussion about your  experiences with perimenopause, your health concerns and health history, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and social support. I will provide an initial plan to get you started that includes a customized herbal protocol and one or two nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. We’ll meet again in two to four weeks for a 1 hour follow up to make adjustments, answer your questions, and discuss next steps and schedule your next follow up session.

You can expect to feel confident and supported in your perimenopausal transition, knowing that you have a plan and a partnership you can count on.

The Holistic Perimenopause Wellness Plan costs $225 and includes:

Initial consultation

1 one-hour follow up consultation

1 half-hour follow up consultation

Personalized wellness plan

Custom herbal protocol*

*Cost for herbs is separate

“I really felt like Renata built a complete picture for a holistic approach. It's obvious that she really cares about what she is doing. It seems to come natural to her and I had great results!”
- J.S.

“I felt taken care of and in good hands. I really appreciate Renata’s knowledge of the herbs and her other suggestions. I would definitely recommend Renata and I have already recommended her services to numerous people.”
- L.R.

What to Expect

Case Review & Health History

Once we have decided to work together you will fill out a Health Questionnaire and provide recent Blood Work and relevant medical records, if they are available.

I will conduct a thorough analysis of your health questionnaire, blood work & medical records and form a set of initial findings

The Holistic Perimenopause  Wellness Plan

The plan includes the Initial Wellness Consultation and one 60 minute follow up consultation, a personalized wellness plan, and customized herbal protocol. Please see below for more information.

Initial Wellness Consultation

We will discuss your health concerns, medical history, health questionnaire, blood work, my initial findings and possible recommendations & strategies to achieve your wellness goals

Follow-up Wellness Consultation

​We will assess your progress toward your goals and make appropriate adjustments to your personalized wellness plan and herbal formulas, and discuss next steps.

Personalized Wellness Plan

You will receive a personalized set of herbal, dietary & lifestyle recommendations, educational resources & handouts to support you in achieving your wellness goals. 

Herbal formulas

Your herbal blend/s are custom formulated specifically for you and are compounded using the highest quality herbs at the  The Herban Pharm.  The herbs  are  an  additional  expense paid directly  to  the  dispensary. I will  consider  your  budget  when  formulating.


If you would like more information before you make a commitment, please schedule a 15 minute exploratory session to see how we can work together to reach your wellness goals.

Schedule a free exploratory session

During a free 15-min. phone consultation we will explore your health concerns and how we might work together to help you reach your wellness goals. During this session we will decide if we are a good fit for working together. I will send a recommendation for getting started and, if we decide to work together, an initial plan for moving forward

I’m Renata. I’m a clinical herbalist specializing in supporting women through the perimenopausal transition and beyond. I love working with women who are working for change. You’re a special group -  motivated, determined, and willing to peel back the layers, look at the tough stuff and do what you need to take care of yourself. I believe you’re working hard to bring about meaningful change in the world and supporting you brings a larger sense of purpose my to work.

I have a Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism and a Post Masters Certificate in Clinical Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health, and I’ve been working with women in perimenopause right from the beginning, since starting student clinic over seven years ago. I’ve helped many women ease their symptoms, smooth the transition, learn how to take care of themselves in the context of new health concerns like bone health, cardiovascular health, and brain health; and decide if they need to seek collaborative care. I’ve also supported them as they wrestle with the deeper, larger questions that often emerge as they move into a new phase of life (Yes, herbs can help with that too!). If you’re going through perimenopause I’d love to work with you too.


Free Clinic

If you're interested in working with an herbalist but can't afford the cost of a visit, please consider my free clinic. I specialize in perimenopuasal wellness, but all are welcome.

There are a limited number of spots in the free clinic. Please sign up below for the waitlist to be notified as appointments become available.

What's Included:

  • The Initial consultation
  • One One-hour follow up session
  • One Half-hour follow session
  • Protocol that includes recommendations for custom herbal formulas, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications

The cost of the herbs themselves is not included. I will consider your budget when formulating your herbal blends.

Please have look at the What to Expect section above for information about what can you expect in working with me.