Vibrant wellness is our natural state of being

When supported by good nutrition, clean air, invigorating movement, and nurturing social structures, our bodies have a remarkable capacity for healing. It's our job is to create the optimal conditions for you to heal and thrive.

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Hi I’m Renata.

I'm a clinical herbalist, and I help women changemakers build a solid foundation of wellness while tending to their unique health concerns so they can pursue their work in the world with passion and vitality.

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I believe you’re doing important work in the world.

The world needs you out there doing the work you’re so passionate about, and your wellbeing is essential to your ability to bring about much needed change. So, whether you’re struggling with, menstrual irregularities or menopausal symptoms, chronic stress and fatigue, or a specific condition like a thyroid or autoimmune disorder; herbal medicine can help.

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to dig deep, examine how all facets of life enhance or detract from your vitality; and most importantly – to let go of what doesn’t serve you in favor of what does.

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Following our talk I’ll send you an herbal recommendation to get you started and an initial plan for moving forward.

“The consultations were always wonderful! I felt listened to and cared for, I learned a lot about myself, about patterns and habits that were undermining my health. I would absolutely recommend Renata! I already tell all my friends about her!”
- A.H.

How herbal medicine is different and how it can help

Perhaps you’ve tried conventional medicine or the latest herb being hyped by the media. These approaches don’t usually solve your problem or build vitality because they don’t account for your unique constitution and the many influences on your wellbeing.

Mass marketed herbs are hit and miss because they’re not designed for you, the individual. They completely bypass the art of herbalism, and in many cases product quality is questionable.

Rather than fighting disease herbal medicine promotes healthy function and stimulates our innate healing processes. When you work with an herbalist, focus on you, the individual. Time is devoted to identifying all the factors influencing your wellbeing and building a comprehensive understanding. An individualized plan is designed to target ways to restore equilibrium, and facilitate powerful transformation with the support of healing herbs.

Learn to listen deeply to your body, understand symptoms as information rather than threats, and gain the knowledge and tools to support your healing process and truly thrive.

Join me in a healing space and  let’s work together to create your unique path to your greatest state of vitality!

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“I wasn't sure if herbal medicine would do much to address my issues since I had tried a lot of different options. My digestion improved significantly and I felt fewer symptoms of stress.”
- R.M.

Recent Posts

Check out the Blog to learn about how herbal medicine can help you heal and thrive. 

  • Get acquainted with the plants
  • Discover strategies to enhance your wellbeing
  • Find ideas for living in harmony with natural rhythms and cycles
  • Find recipes and ideas for incorporating herbs into your routine

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Tips for Finding a Qualified Herbalist

By Renata Atkinson | July 8, 2020
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In my posts I sometimes recommend working with a ‘qualified herbalist’. But what does that mean? How do you find one? In today’s post I want to provide some guidance…

Honoring the Spirit of Winter

By Renata Atkinson | February 6, 2020

Winter is a tough season for me, and I know I’m far from alone. I find the short days and darkness difficult, and because I’m out and about a lot…

Can a nursing mom do an elimination diet?

By Renata Atkinson | December 12, 2019

Danielle, a new, nursing mom asks how to go about eliminating foods from her diet to determine what is causing constipation. She also says that she is feeling run down…

Is Menopause Keeping Me Awake? What Are Some Herbal Solutions?

By Renata Atkinson | October 3, 2019
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According the National Sleep Foundation 35% of American adults report regularly getting fewer than 7 hours of sleep per night and, for women, the prevalence of sleep disturbance increases approaching…

Food and Mood – Does What I Eat Really Matter?

By Renata Atkinson | July 21, 2019

Summertime can be naturally mood boosting to many, but how does what you eat this season fit in? Today, we’ll look at the vital connection between food and mood. Inflammation & Your…

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