Food and Mood – Does What I Eat Really Matter?

By Renata Atkinson / July 21, 2019

Summertime can be naturally mood boosting to many, but how does what you eat this season fit in? Today, we’ll look at the vital connection between food and mood. Inflammation & Your BrainMany of us are familiar by now with the relationship between inflammation and chronic disease, but did you know that research in recent years has…

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Creativity+Herbs = Your Happy Nervous System

By Renata Atkinson / March 6, 2019

Looking to naturally support your psychological health and overall wellbeing? Today I’ll take a close look at the many health benefits of creativity and suggest some herbal favorites for relaxation and cognition.   In our culture we tend to think of creativity as a special personality trait—something we’re born with, the domain of a chosen few. But we ALL have creative potential and…

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Overwhelmed and Anxious? Find Uplift With These Natural Solutions

By Renata Atkinson / January 1, 2019

Hi, I am a 48 year old wife and Mom with a rewarding career and lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious,and disinterested. My gynecologist suggested antidepressants, but I have serious concerns about taking them. What else can I do to improve my mood? Are there herbs that can help? Andrea Charlottesville, VA This is a great…

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